Blog#4: My Books

If you go to the website for LemonTree Press on the toolbar you will find the books I have written and published. None of them was initially created as a book per se, but rather they were my sincere attempts to serve the children in my classes by bringing lessons to them via an artistic approach, through story or poetry. This was then furthered by their own creative efforts, writing, painting, drawing, singing, acting, etc.

I finished them up, sometimes after many years, and made them into formal books because I thought they were worthy representations of this creative approach to teaching, the Waldorf approach as it were. I have not done this work entirely alone. It is built on the efforts of many teachers who have come before and who have inspired me. It is my hope that my work, in turn, will inspire other teachers and parents who follow.

My primary works, LMNOP and All the Letters A to Z, King Maximo and the Number Knights, and Multiplicando are designed to provide an imaginative, artistic and active introduction to both English language learning and to mathematics study. They might be viewed as portals for the young child, leading them into the world of learning, “the palace of wisdom and art”. Each of the books is supported by a manual designed to help derive as much active learning as posible from the creative context the stories provide. I am most excited about Sarah and the Number Knights as it is a manual which morphed into a teaching story in its own right in which the children make discoveries and teach each other.

I will refer to these books at times in future blogs in various contexts.
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